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2 Moncler 1952

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(Woman) | The refined power of femininity
Veronica Leoni interpreted the outerwear and outdoors attitude of Moncler with a lusciously feminine instinct, devising a collection that merges the utilitarian with the languid to create something both empowering and elegant. The world of genderless tailoring employs wools, devoré velvets, nylon twill, off-center diamond quilting and knit resulting in pieces that provide the opportunity for extreme layering of textures, a distinct complexity and three-dimensionality. “Imagining an army of women on a quest for a lost paradise, I looked at the exoticism of the beginning of the XX century and interpreted it in a modern, intensely functional way. It’s all about femininity and elegance, with a twistedly practical angle. I am particularly proud of the collaboration with gender equality group Girl Up on a special item with the slogan: IT’S HER RIGHT”.

(Man) | The collaboration with Los Angeles
Sergio Zambon follows an urban anthropologist approach at Moncler, merging the reality of design with the study of youth movements - both real and imagined, always spontaneous. As the energy of 2020 clashes with a 70s pop feel, iconic types such as the preppy, the hippy and the punk inspire the attitude, blended in an all-inclusive mix. The collection also redefines creative partnerships by collaborating with a whole city–Los Angeles. It includes contributions from a set of LA-based creative players, touching Moncler with the city’s sun-kissed, laid back spirit. “LA is a cultural reference, a world city. It beats to its own drum, far from the neurotic pace of other metropolitan places. By working with Libertine, Undefeated, Balt Getty and AD.III I took local tropes and clichès and turned them around, the Moncler way”.