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3 Moncler Grenoble

PR Contact: press.monclereurope@moncler.com

Sandro Mandrino focuses on design, performance and functionality and twists it all with liberal injections of fashionable boldness. The result is a selection of pieces that while meant to be used for skiing because of their constructive solutions and fabric technology, are also visually arresting and meant for life beyond the skiing slopes. This season the look is layered, colorful, pliable and multipurpose. It features overalls, duvets, bombers, anoraks and jumpers. A riot of colorful graffiti prints swarms allover, enhanced by the mix of matte and shiny fabrics, and fuzzy knit. Otherwise, it’s snow-glow white “I had in mind this image of the white of the snow that gets progressively stained by color as graffiti expand everywhere. 3 Moncler Grenoble is first and foremost about performance”.