Contact: ellazubrowska@gmail.com

Ella Zubrowska Jewellery, founded in Paris in May 2018, is a new jewelry brand, inspired by the artworks and techniques of ancient artisans where cabinetmakers, bronzers and gilders put in as much application as creativity into their art. Ella reinvents jewellery through her rare and original timeless pieces.
All of them are completely hand made from the concept design to the finishing touches, using tradtional methods.
The jewellery, packed with history, transcends the past to attain a modern world that mixes beauty with eccentricity. Ella Zubrowska’s jewellery is designed for a wide range of people: strong, independent and courageous, art collectors and history connoisseurs.
All the pieces are handmade in our workshops in Cracow where we pay as much attention to care and rigor during the production process as we do to freedom of creativity and design. The jewellery is made of brass, gold-plated 24K in baths of ancient gold, which gives its patinated color.