Nadya Dzyak, an official resident of Ukranian Fashion week, was launched in 2008 as an effortless chic, womenswear ready-to-wear brand. The distinct print and silhouette are easy and comfortable yet intriguingly charismatic.
Nadya Dzyak’s design studio and production are both located in Ukraine, with direct working relationships with some of the highest quality fabric suppliers across Europe. Today the brand is in more than 20 stock-lists all over the world.


Spring Up - Italy
Studio Zeta - France

Stockists: Liska - JPC Anvers - Splash by the Beach - Sanguine La Garde - Saxbridge - Frederic Belullo - Davidou s.a.r.l - Mercer Fashion - Micha - Trinity - Wait & See - Anayi - Cord3 - Addict - 51 East - Parad - Chris Shop - Arel Forever - Conceptica - Seven Boutique - Canary