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Exclusive Capsule Collection Pierre-Louis Mascia & Palais Galliera

Exclusive Capsule Collection Pierre-Louis Mascia & Palais Galliera illustration 1
Exclusive Capsule Collection Pierre-Louis Mascia & Palais Galliera illustration 2

Collaboration / Fashion house - 10/13/21

Pierre-Louis Mascia Permanent
Introducing the capsule collection with Palais Galliera

Bringing back to life long-forgotten 18th century prints and using the power of ultra-modern design to catapult them into the 21st century: that is what Pierre-Louis Mascia has imagined, tapping into the collections of the Palais Galliera, the Paris Museum of Fashion. The idea sprang from the designer’s meeting with Pascale Gorguet-Ballesteros, the curator in charge of the “18th century and dolls” department in the Museum. She gave him access to the 18th century archives, neglected by most curators and designers who prefer the 19th century collections seen as less remote, more numerous, and easier to draw from because they are less “theatrical”.
Pierre-Louis Mascia then picked out eight historic items with remarkable prints. By mixing their patterns with very modern ones he created a timeless capsule collection made up of loungewear with sober, essential cuts, equally suitable for evening wear. As a first step, high-definition photos of the selected items were taken, in order to keep all the details - the jabot, the buttons, the seams, the label, and the infinitely varied embossed patterns, as well as their colour palette, ranging from pale pink to celadon green. Then, thanks to the advanced technology provided by the Italian firm Achille Pinto, the designer combined them with other patterns, specific to modern times.
The collection goes far beyond presenting us with an unprecedented alliance between history and technical skills, past and present, indoor and outdoor, baroque and modern design; above all it conveys emotion and meaning.

The capsule collection is available exclusively on cabanamagazine.com