Missoni - The Great Italian Fashion Scripta Maneant Editore

Missoni - The Great Italian Fashion Scripta Maneant Editore illustration

Culture / Fashion house - 7/3/19

Special edition.
Limited edition of 899 hand-numbered copies.
Every copy is a unique volume enriched with exclusive original fabrics provided by
the Fashion House and applied by craftmen.
A volume as an object. A volume conceived as an element of design where images, texts, original fabrics, drawings, graphics, colour trials, dress patterns dialogue with one another.
Missoni. The Great Italian Fashion celebrates language and style of an elegance that has become artistic expression, cultural and social revolution since the early 1950s where Rosita and Ottavio Missoni launched their entry into fashion, with a capacity for experimentation that never betrayed the spirit of their origins in the decades to come. Their key word is recognisability. And it is precisely the recognisability of their graphics, hues and lines that verge on infinity that we find gathered in the introduction to the book Missoni by Missoni, a kind of collection of highlights of ‘Missonology’ accompanied by iconic shots from the 1950s to the present in a purely evocative sequence. The volume is then divided into thematic sections, each introduced by text that includes the words of the Missonis themselves, who highlight the critical artistic decisions that contributed to the success and recognisability of their fashion house.
On Beauty and Harmony looks to the past and offers the history of the brand, from the inventions and unique stylistic features to the patterns that made it famous. Not just colour, stripes, zigzags and the ‘puttogether’ look, but also black and white and special attention to innovative, international tailoring. What you will find here is a kind of illustrated timeline made up of the stylistic, conceptual, technical and cultural features that have underpinned the Missonis’ international triumphs. And it is their international triumphs that are the focus of the section From the Runway Scandal of 1967 to the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award in 1973, which covers the fundamental steps that led the house to global recognisability,
in the 1980s also winning fame for imaginative collections for the home and important collaborations with the world of cinema and theatre, which are illustrated in turn in the sections Missoni Home and Fashion and the Performing Arts. The Missonis in the World of Theatre, Opera and Cinema. From runways and theatre sets the world over, the Missonis’ creative path also naturally led to the exhibition spaces of great museums, as we see in the celebratory section of the pictorial and graphic art by Ottavio Missoni and in the final section of the book, An Artful Style. Stripes, Zigzag and Abstract Creations. The patchwork pullover worn by Lino Capolicchio on the cover of L’UOMO Vogue in 1971 became an art installation when displayed in museums, part of a whole made up of hangings designed independently of fashion, but also colour charts, furniture and clothing, created intentionally and unintentionally as works of art. Fearlessly, however. Because, as Maria Pezzi said already at the end of
the 1970s, even though they are pieces worthy of a museum, “wear them, too”. This is how the Missonis’ fashion became contemporary language, visual culture that has become an integral part of our history.
Massimiliano Capella