Café A.P.C

Café A.P.C illustration

Events / Fashion house - 11/6/19

“Everyone likes to go out for coffee, so we decided to take part in this grid of positivity in Paris. Places with great coffee are popping up more and more.
In our café, we’ll serve our coffee, a special moka. All of the drinks on the menu (latte, espresso, shakerato, cappuccino, etc.) will be made with these beans. There won’t be a choice.
Having a choice makes you worry. Not having one creates a kind of peace of mind. I like to trust others and I would like others to trust us for the choice of this coffee origin.”
Jean Touitou

From 20 November 2019 to 31 January 2020, A.P.C. sets up its café in the Galerie Joyce, located at 168, Galerie de Valois in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. Not only can clients sample several drinks, but they can also discover a selection of objects in the image of the café, whose A was turned upside-down. A T-shirt, a tote bag and a thermos for a coffee to go. The coffee itself will be available for purchase as well.
The café A.P.C. will also host an exhibition of the brand’s archives from 8 January, with an exhibition by Jessica Ogden.

Café A.P.C. in the Galerie Joyce
168 Galerie de Valois 75001 Paris
Monday to saturday 10am - 6pm