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Alighieri Atelier

Exploring the way in which our stories and lives are intertwined, like chains, and bound together in communities, creating strength, armour. Alighieri jewellery ties people together, protecting them, and reminding them to be courageous.
Alighieri Atelier is an amplified exhibition of this, through handmade, interwoven chains and pearls, almost like a tapestry of a family history.
Crafted in Alighieri’s London studio, using precious materials, the delicate chain bras and tops are designed to be worn under or over t-shirts and slip dresses all summer long; the cornflake pearl cross-back is the cami to wear under a black blazer; and the chainmail dress is equally as powerful with trainers or a minimal stiletto.

Alighieri Atelier now available at Alighieri.co.uk - https://shop.alighieri.co.uk/collections/alighieri-atelier

PR Contact: Kelly.Tanti@purplepr.com