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Anna October

Anna October is an ethical womenswear brand founded in Odesa in 2010. With a background in pattern cutting, tailoring, and fine art, Anna, the designer and founder of the brand, gets her inspiration in womens versatility and retranslates the ideas of sensual femininity, and the excitement and joy of being a woman in her every piece. Created for women who are dressing for their own gaze, Annas clothes flatter female bodies and are the epitome of delicate sexuality. This makes Anna October a designer of a dream uniform for those women who want to feel relaxed and confident in their day-to-day lives.

Brand follows a Slow Fashion direction that is based on three pillars — Craftsmanship, Personal attitude, and Consciousness.
All collections are created at carefully selected Ukrainian manufactories using deadstock and ethical materials. Anna October maintains its authentic roots, by handcrafting a significant part of the items, using old local techniques. This choice is consistent with one of the main principles of Anna October ethical strategy - the desire to create "timeless" clothes that will last more than one season.

PR contact: press@annaoctober.com