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The support to emerging brands is one of the key missions of the Federation de la Haute Couture et de la Mode. It supports their development before and after their entry in the official calendars and contributes to increasing their visibility within an institutional, commercial, technologic and media network. The brands identified, according to their creativity and international development, are now grouped together under the banner of the " SPHERE - Emerging Brands Initiative". The Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode's Emerging Brands Initiative enables those it supports to benefit from a wide range of services ranging from financial support to provision of expertise to best anticipate the different stages of their growth. It also operates the Paris Fashion Week® Showroom, from the brands selection to its physical and digital implementation. It supports this strategy by implementing specific communication operations throughout the year. Sphère - Paris Fashion Week® Showroom - is part of the services.

Founded by Anaïs Mak, who grew up in Hong Kong and trained in Paris, Anaïs Jourden broke into the scene in 2012 first as Jourden. Among the semi-finalists of the LVMH Prize en 2015, the label access to the Official schedule of Paris Fashion Week® in 2018. Her signature feminine, youthful, part-innocent, part-cheeky accelerates her visibility around the globe.