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Jennifer Chamandi Boghossian is a British shoe designer of Lebanese origin with a mind for numbers and a flair for elegance. An Economics graduate from the London School of Economics, Jennifer had an accomplished career as a senior banker, but her childhood dream to create shoes never left her even on the trading floor, where a penchant for towering stilettos become her signature. Following courses in footwear at London’s Cordwainers College and Central Saint Martins, she finally decided to follow her heart and launch her own brand.
From learning Italian to enrolling in Footwear Summer School, Jennifer has spent 18 months immersed in the universe of shoes. Channelling her business acumen and perfectionism into the project, her passion has developed into a deep bank of knowledge. Jennifer’s footwear collection is designed with methodical precision and a true understanding of luxury and was inspired by the key tenets of her aesthetic: a reduction to essentials of form and colour. Her approach is academic in its rigour, employing an analytical approach in the translation of colour and texture, while borrowing inspiration from the abstract geometry art movement.
Through the collaboration with a family-run Italian atelier, Jennifer developed the revolutionary construction required for her vision and realised her dream with her “Eye of the Needle”signature heel.

Le "talon aiguille", the needle stiletto, is the cornerstone of sartorial sensuality. Neither practical nor rational, the high heel can be at once empowering and sexy, strong as well as feminine. It is the needle that creates the curvature of the foot, the sway to the hips and the attitude to the stride, and it is the needle which inspired Jennifer Chamandi's signature shoe collection.
From the finest stitching, to the immaculate craftsmanship, the collection pulls from the skills of a family- run master artisan atelier based in Italy. In each stich, much like those created by the couturier’s petites mains, there is care and passion. The needle is embedded into each shoe, with the distinctive gold- plated eye carved and inlaid into every heel. Fastened with a bracelet which embraces the foot, Jennifer’s shoes combine absolute comfort with immediately recognisable and distinctive elegance.
While Jennifer’s collection offers a seemingly effortless twist on classic style, the technical prowess which each shoe requires to support the punctured heel has been the result of months of prototyping and manufacturing innovations, making each and every style truly unique. With unexpected colour palettes inspired by the purity of abstract geometry combined with painstakingly handcrafted quality, Jennifer’s stilettos are truly more than just staples.