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8IGB community clothing

Contact: 8igb.communityclothing@gmail.com

8IGB community clothing is a skate lifestyle inspired brand, based on
graphic parodies and dual meaning slogans which often have a spicy twist.
8IGB community clothing’s DNA can be resumed in one word «general diversion»;
diverting graphics, diverting of presentation (with its crazy packaging), diverting basic shapes into
something new, and now even diverting in the choice of suppliers.
The brand often takes inspiration by apparently unattractive subjects or not fashionable at all, it has a real obsession for outsiders and losers, 8IGB makes them desirable and fancy with catchy graphics and colors and through its presentation/installation that has so much in common with contemporary art galleries.
8IGB community clothing is denitely a part of this fashion movement we call «Post Internet».

8IGB community clothing Fall/Winter 2023 8IGB community clothing Fall/Winter 2023

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