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Sophie Delafontaine

Sophie Delafontaine ilustración 1
07/02/2024 - Alexandra Van Houtte

Sophie Delafontaine explains the story behind the Longchamp house, the strategy behind the iconic and international bags and the importance of France and its savoir-faire.

Could you share the story behind Longchamp's logo?

Our logo embodies the spirit of a galloping horse, symbolizing vigor and energy. Crafted by artist Turenne Chevallereau in 1948, it draws inspiration from my grandfather, Jean Cassegrain.

Since 1948, Longchamp maintained a leading presence in the accessories category. How do you navigate design and strategy to stay ahead of the competition?

Remaining true to our roots through meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering quality has been key. Emphasising innovation and creativity, we have been collaborating with artists in various fields, such as art, fashion, music, and design... since 1971. The first collaboration with the painter and photographer Serge Mendjisky, and this year with Stéphanie d'Heygère, Toilet Paper, and Robert Indiana, showcase our commitment. Moreover, all our Le Pliage bags are now crafted from recycled polyamide, reflecting our dedication to eco-responsibility.

Your brand uniquely keeps production in France. What influenced this decision, and what distinguishes your savoir-faire in your factories?

Developing our expertise in France allows us to uphold quality, research, and innovation. In the fast-paced world of fashion, agility is crucial. I take great pride in our 5 workshops, employing approximately 1,000 skilled individuals, representing our commitment to maintaining a strong presence in France.

If someone were to invest in a single Longchamp bag, which one would you recommend?

The Pliage Xtra. Combining the ingenuity and uniqueness of the Pliage with the expertise of our maroquiniers. It is intergenerational, representing transmission and allowing me to keep a connection with my father who created it.

What does the future hold for Longchamp?

Looking ahead, the future appears promising. As a family business, I am delighted to witness the inclusion of the 4th generation, ensuring a legacy that spans generations and continues our commitment to excellence.