Valentino Fall/Winter 2024 Review

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Valentino's Fall/Winter 2024-2025 collection, unveiled with the hashtag #ValentinoLeNoir, challenges perceptions by embracing the elegance of black. Pierpaolo Picciolo, the brand's creative director, describes black as his personal uniform, allowing him to focus and seek inspiration within its depths. 

Despite its somber connotations, black in this collection isn't about sadness or homage to gothic or punk aesthetics. Rather, it's a bold departure from the vibrant hues typically associated with Valentino, surprising fans who may still be enamored with the brand's iconic Pink PP collection. Transparency emerges as a dominant theme, adding sensuality and intrigue to the lineup. Sheer evening gown tops, capes adorned with delicate lace, and subtle lace details create a contrast that heightens the allure of the black ensembles.

But Pierpaolo Picciolo's insistence on black as his go-to hue sets a tone of uniformity, perhaps bordering on the mundane. While the collection exudes elegance and sophistication, one can't shake the feeling of déjà vu that permeates the show. Sure, there are lace 3D floral details, and glossy patent leather jackets, all in varying shades of black, but where's the surprise? Where's the thrill? It's as if we've seen it all before, leaving us longing for a pop of color or a daring departure from the expected. Despite the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, this season's lineup feels a tad lackluster, lacking the spark and ingenuity that typically define Valentino's runway presentations.

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