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文化 / 时装品牌 - 8/19/22

To mark the latest Salone del Mobile, Giorgio Armani presents a selection of Armani/Casa furniture and accessories at Armani/Silos: recently created pieces alongside the brand's established classics, expressions of an aesthetic that unmistakably defines the world of home living, made up of design research, material richness, subtle multiculturalism and a unique sense of rarefaction. In the brutalist spaces of the Silos, a veritable exhibition comes to life, with a sequence of striking settings that set the pieces in context, placing them in the lattice
of inspirations from which they originate. Following the designer's typical language of evocative re-workings and subtractions, onlookers are able to feel and imagine the creative journey that leads from the starting point to the finished piece of furniture, grasping its essence in an emotional way. This unique display is echoed in the windows of the Armani/Casa store in Corso Venezia, where a new kitchen concept will also be presented during the Salone del Mobile.

“In recent years, I have focused on the essential aspects of my style lexicon. In design, as in fashion, I feel the need to reaffirm the founding elements that define the Armani style. This exhibition, devised to mark the return of the Salone del Mobile in attendance, is a way of
traversing my aesthetics in its salient aspects, highlighting connections, suggestions, and references. For the first time I am using the spaces of the Silos to create an exhibition that offers an immersive and emotional experience in the Armani/Casa world,” says Giorgio Armani.

Designer: Armani Exchange