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Lah Paris

Contact(s) PR :
Laura Guillermin, laura.guillermin@bureaunovum.com
Contact Sales : contact@lah.paris

-Stockists :

Hélène founded LAH after several years working for fashion houses. Jewelry designer, she chooses to launch her own brand. LAH (the anagram of her children's first names and hers) was born in December 2019. LAH makes sustainable, gold-plated silver jewelry made in France and Italy in small series. The idea? Giving birth to a personal brand, creating jewelry that she wants to be sensual, good and beautiful. Drawn with link and loops, they symbolize the link that connect people. Through their round shapes, they carry within them the roundness of pleasure, the patina of the transmitted jewels and a twist that makes them unique. LAH is the name of a collaborative brand, based on teamwork, on showcasing the talents involved. LAH is taking its first steps, but already dreams of a future made of links, loops, associations with artists, photographers, designers, which will give it its future shape. That of a brand of unique jewelry, made in France and Italy, in limited edition