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ALAÏA WS24 ARCHETYPES illustration 1
ALAÏA WS24 ARCHETYPES illustration 2
ALAÏA WS24 ARCHETYPES illustration 3

Nuovo prodotto - 11/16/23

A celebration of the silhouette.

A combination of Alaïa icons and new must-haves.

With the Archetypes, Pieter Mulier sublimates and reinterprets Alaïa’s timeless design philosophy : sculptural shapes, noble materials, signatures inspired by the codes of the Maison.

The Archetypes blend Alaïa’s most emblematic creations — bodysuits, corset belts, tailored coats, denim, black dresses and second skin garments — with the Maison’s signatures and a selection of unique accessories.

Alaïa Archetypes unveil a powerful femininity devoted to beauty.

The quintessence of Alaïa.

Designer: Alaïa