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Appartement COPIN, 161 rue Saint-Honoré, 
75001 Paris

e-shop : www.copin.fr

Each jewel is the reflection of a truth.
Short-lived or timeless, part of the past or the future, personal or universal.
This truth speaks through the relationship between the artisan who creates the jewel and the jewel itself. Because Copin jewelers know that what makes a jewel is as much creating it as wearing it. A truth captured by 150 years of inspiration, image, and know-how at the service of a unique identity. Yours.

Maison Copin opened in 1870 after a goldsmith family married into a family of jewelers. This perfect association and six industrious generations have nurtured this union with the same, consistent values. Whoever walks into the shop is warmly greeted by Maison Copin with the highest standards of professionalism and service.

Our House specializes in custom-made jewelry and
working the finest metals with precious gems and natural stones.

Maison Copin has recently launched an innovative and colorful series of interconnected rings for all generations and genders, to be stacked or worn on several fingers.

Hand-crafted in Paris by our expert artisans since the beginning, we have worked with the best jewelers, crimpers, polishers and gold smelters in the industry, all integral to Copin and found in each piece of our jewelry.


Copin Pre-Fall 2024 Copin Pre-Fall 2024

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