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Dorso is the expression of a luxurious, clear-cut, effortlessly refined elegance.
Comfortable by definition, genderless and relaxed, the Dorso pajamas and robes are worn with
the spontaneous versatility of a self-confident, informal yet sophisticated style.
Born in 2021 and handcrafted in Italy with the finest silks, the Dorso nightwear grafts surprising western influences and reminiscences of past eras in an essential, androgynous, enveloping aesthetic ; and chooses to abandon the severity of minimalism to embrace a protected and leisurely intimacy, at home and in the outside world.

Colors and details such as contrasting piping and bandana collars animate the sensual material
pleasure of natural silk and tell of an impalpable charm: subtly ironic, at the same time evocative
– a harbinger of new emotions.

Contact PR : studio@dorso.com

Contact Sales : sales@dorso.com


Dorso Fall/Winter 2023 Dorso Fall/Winter 2023

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