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Rains x Zellerfeld Collaboration

Rains x Zellerfeld Collaboration illustration 1
Rains x Zellerfeld Collaboration illustration 2
Rains x Zellerfeld Collaboration illustration 3
Rains x Zellerfeld Collaboration illustration 4

Collaboration - 1/27/23

Paris, France, Jan 19 2023 – RAINS have turned to 3D-printing leader – Zellerfeld – to produce an archetypal boot which highlights a completely new silhouette and technology features for 3D-printed footwear. 
The first-of-its-kind silhouette was designed by RAINS and produced by Zellerfield.

Known for their conceptual-yet-functional design approach, the RAINS ‘Puffer Boot’ boasts an organic shape with an intentional sculptural appearance reminiscent of a stone carving. It also features a newly developed 3D printed puffer element on the instep which is reminiscent of the RAINS’ design language.

With the puffer elements consisting of 90% air within the printed structures, Zellerfeld has created yet another feature to their 3D-printing technology that enables printing puffer elements into footwear.

This innovative approach to puffer elements and oversized shapes shows a new dimension of possibilities for footwear from Zellerfeld, while keeping all the benefits of 3D printing: monomaterial, fully recyclable, no stitches or gluing of components or human construction required.

The RAINS ‘Puffer Boot’ is the first of its kind and the footwear collaboration signals a look-ahead for both brands. RAINS gives a futuristic glimpse into combining functional design for fashion and integrating cutting edge technologies into their growing brand’s practices, Zellerfeld is rapidly emerging as the industry leader in fully printed footwear.

Designer: Rains