Suzanne Koller

Suzanne Koller illustration 1
15/07/2019 - Margaux Warin
During Spring 2019, the brand A.P.C began its interactions, the first one with Kid Cudi. The principle is very simple: limited pieces collections created with friends of A.P.C that incorporate their own vision of the brand’s clothes. For Fall 2019, the french couple behind A.P.C, Jean and Judith Tuitou collaborated with their long time friend and colleague, Suzanne Koller. Fashion director of M Le Monde and co-founder of Self Service Magazine, Suzanne Koller is also very renowned for her Instagram feed which shows all of her favourite pieces. For this collection, she imagined 10 pieces named “Obvious Classics’ that reflect her own style and allure: a khaki parka, a grey knit jumper or a blue shirt - Classic essentials to any women's wardrobe. We spoke with Suzanne Koller about her interaction just before the launch on July 15th. 

Your last INTERACTION by Suzanne Koller for A.P.C collection in two words:



Your favourite piece from the collection?



What was the main aspects you looked at in the A.P.C. archives for this collaboration?

To make my favorite pieces I am always obsessed about


Could you please describe your own style in three words?

Obvious classic with minimal simplicity.


You are fashion director at M le Monde, and work in fashion with a stylist eye. For this interaction, what was the main challenge associated to work from a designer/creative director point of view?

It was not really challenging it was smooth and very organic to work with Jean and Judith.


Did you have a special “muse” in mind while working on the collection?

A smart women who is bold and daring with a great character and individual personality !


You've been collaborating with Jean & Judith Touitou for several years now. How do you think your style is close to their vision of A.P.C.?

We are both quietly radical and hysterically normal !


Your fashion obsession of the moment? 

Charvet pyjamas made “sur mesure”, which I turned into summer dresses.


The film that speaks the most to your aesthetic ?

Lost in Translation


Where is the last place you travelled to that inspired you?

Tromse in Norway, pure Nature.