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Bunney, Eugene Whang and sacai Unveil Unique Collaboration Inspired by Tulip Mania

Bunney, Eugene Whang and sacai Unveil Unique Collaboration Inspired by Tulip Mania illustration 1
Bunney, Eugene Whang and sacai Unveil Unique Collaboration Inspired by Tulip Mania illustration 2
Bunney, Eugene Whang and sacai Unveil Unique Collaboration Inspired by Tulip Mania illustration 3

Collaborazione - 5/15/24

Bunney, Eugene Whang and sacai are proud to announce their collaborative project, drawing inspiration from the historical phenomenon of Tulip Mania in 17th-century Netherlands.

In this fascinating era, tulip bulb prices skyrocketed, fueled by societal pressures and speculative trading. Despite the eventual collapse of the market, tulips remained as enduring symbols of beauty, leaving a legacy in flower cultivation and appreciation.

At the heart of this partnership are two beautifully crafted pieces.

Dubbed the "Aperture Vase," this solid Sterling Silver piece derives its name from its unique ability to play with light and reflections while featuring a unique detail that helps accommodate both traditional floral arrangements and a singular arrangement.

Available in two versions; the first being a careful and precise high-polish finish, while the other showcases a traditional, time-intensive hand-planished finish. Handcrafted to the highest standards at Bunney's workshops in London, each vase undergoes an exacting process, passing through the skilled hands of silversmiths, gilders, and polishers.

At the heart of the Aperture Vase lies a delicate interior gilded in 24-carat gold, not only enhancing its aesthetic allure but also serving a practical purpose by protecting the surface from water. This opulent detail extends gracefully to the exterior, revealing a hidden brilliance that captivates the eye.

The journey to create the Aperture Vase is one of dedication and precision, spanning a total of seven weeks before each 1.2kg piece is carefully hallmarked at the Assay Office. Here, precious metals have been tested and marked for centuries, ensuring the utmost quality and authenticity.

The second piece in this collaboration is an 18ct Gold brooch featuring the iconic tulip motif meticulously adorned with 246 gemstones, including diamonds and rubies, set across both white and yellow gold. Referencing the opulent illustrations from the time of Tulip-Mania, this brooch can transition between formal and casual wear, adding a touch of elegance to an outfit. This piece smoothly bridges the gap between the vase and sacai's ready-to-wear garments.

Completing the project is a sacai collection themed around a contemporary florist's uniform, featuring a Workshop Coat, Tulip-Embroidered Cap, and Bouquet Carrier. Each piece features a water and stain-resistant tri-layer material, Bunney's signature hand-hammered silver snaps, and silhouettes that suggest a distinctly modern take on a florist’s attire. Complementing these garments are bespoke t-shirts adorned with custom tulip motif embroidery, alongside the iconic sacai print t-shirt.

Capturing the essence of this extraordinary collaboration is the renowned photographer Sakiko Nomura, whose distinct perspective on beauty and form, influenced by her mentor Araki, brings a delicate yet raw portrayal to the campaign imagery.

This collaboration between Bunney, Eugene Whang and sacai results in a collection that seamlessly intertwines history, artistry, and fashion.

BUNNEY is a London based brand of jewellery and precious wares founded by Andrew Bunney in 2009. An essential element of this contemporary, unisex line is its dedication to craftsmanship and artisanal work. The brand works with workshops around England where every piece is hand crafted and finished to the highest standard using traditional methods.