On the day Alizée Guinochet decided to launch her own jewelry brand, nothing had been left to chance. All her history had pointed her in this direction. As a child she experienced life behind the scenes at the Place Vendôme, Paris, where her grandfather was a renown jeweler specialized in precious stones. Her mother had more iconoclastic tastes that led her to fantasy jewelry. She was the creative director for a London brand, sold at Harrod’s, Topshop and Selfridges. She was an inspiring figure gifted with a keen sense of innovation. Enriched by this heritage, Alizée found her own style. Her personal adventure began in New York where she was trained in the
very latest jewelry-making techniques. She started by creating a few models reserved for close friends. She exclusively designed things that she would want to wear herself. Fine, minimalist gold jewelry that can be built on, superimposed according to the wearer’s creative whim. Jewelry you can really live with from morning till night without ever taking it off, even when bathing. It was an immediate success in the United States because in everyone’s eyes it had an incredibly Parisian chic. Of course, AND’s made its way to France, where the creator now lives. In 2016 she launched her first official collection, remaining faithful to the hallmarks of her identity: simplicity and distinction.

Le Bon Marché - Paris
Montaigne Market - Paris
Chance Boutique - Paris
La Co(o)rniche pyla - Pyla Sur Mer
Ha(a)ïtza pyla - Pyla Sur Mer
Desert Lille - Lille
Jane de Boy - Cap Ferret, Bordeaux
Le Guanahani la boutique - Saint Barthélémy
Carioca Porto Vecchio - Porto Vecchio