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Marcia is a Parisian brand founded in 2018 by Emma Reynaud, supported by a whole crew of young creatives from various backgrounds. Each member of the crew participates actively in the creative process of the brand and collection. The final outcome is always about telling a story that emerges from everyone’s skills and minds. «marcia» is inspired by the 80’s French song Mar-cia Baila by Les Ritas Mitsuko with singer Catherine Ringer who’s our icon and represents the 80’s French subversive spirit. All the dresses are called after French songs sang by women. Marcia makes a point of honor to make garments that are easy, comfy and sexy. All our pieces are carefully studied be wearable for multiple purposes: day and night, at the office or at the beach.
From our fabric to our packaging, we do everything we can to be respectful of the environment.
Our production is local, made in France, oui oui. Our wardrobe is made with one and only fabric that is at the heart of our creation. This killer certified *OEKO-TEX® fabric is made out of polyamide and elastane and gives you a great freedom of movement.
This fabric only needs small care, and last forever. It is made and printed in Italy by a sustainable company that carefully follows an ecosystem program since 2008.

Marcia Spring-Summer 2025 Marcia Spring-Summer 2025

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