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Margherita Ruffo di Calabria


Objects tell a story, a story of humankind, they conjure up a lifestyle, a culture. They allow us to rekindle the past, to engage in the present. And, above all, they leave a trace. With Skorpios, her new project, Adriana Abascal has embraced the creation of objects in order to leave a mark. The brand’s name is inspired by Adriana’s astrological sign, Scorpio, a sign which, according to the great French astrologist, André Barbault, aspires to leave a legacy.
Exclusive and sensual, Skorpios is a luxurious brand that remains nonetheless committed to sustainability. The brand and its founder are spurred by social and environmental responsibility. Driven by Adriana’s personality, Skorpios is built on strong ethics.
The luxury it promotes advocates a controlled and healthier approach to consumption, a far cry from fast fashion. All the packaging materials for the shoes are recyclable, designed with a factory specialized in this field and which plants trees to offset its carbon footprint. The creations, produced from first-rate materials, are designed to be enjoyed a long time.

SKORPIOS Spring/Summer 2024 SKORPIOS Spring/Summer 2024

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