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PR/SALES Contacts:
COMMUNICATION DIRECTOR - CAROL GERLAND (cgerland@zadigetvoltaire.com)
CONTENT MANGER - SARAH BONNEFOY (sbonnefoy@zadigetvoltaire.com)
PR INFLUENCE MANAGER - SELIM HANKAOUI (shankaoui@zadigetvoltaire.com)
PR JUNIOR - ROSALIE REICHMANN (rreichmann@zadigetvoltaire.com)
MEDIA MANAGER - GAËLLE HAYE (ghaye@gmail.com)
RETAIL/SALES : CAMILLE PEIRET (cpeiret@zadigetvoltaire.com)

Zadig&Voltaire is a French Contempory designer brand created in 1997 by Thierry Gillier.
The name of the brand was inspired from Voltaire’s “Zadig, or the Book of Fate” whose main character Zadig made an impression on Thierry Gillier, owing to his modernity, charisma and courage.
Zadig&Voltaire believes in 4 fundamental values:
Nonchalance – Freedom – Conscience – Sustainable
Since its origin, ZADIG&VOLTAIRE has been a new blow, a “manufacture” editing design.