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Fashion house - 10/10/19

Heritage & Heart
Bogdar was founded in Bulgaria in 2015 but our true beginnings go much further back – to a boy, born in a family that has been in the fashion industry for generations, who grew up running between the machines in his parents’ factory and dreamt of leaving his own beautiful and lasting mark on the world. He found the perfect partner and advisor in his wife – the kind of passionate and confidant woman that Bogdar makes its unique pieces for.
We are Pavel and Teodora Lozanov – the pair behind Bogdar. Today all of Bogdar’s clothes are produced in our home country Bulgaria – caught between the mountains and the sea, in the emerging style of the New East – contemporary fashion made in Eastern Europe and combining the best of its exquisite skill and materials with the style and freedom of the present and future.
In Bulgarian Bogdar’s inimitable name means “a gift from God”. And it is this name that emerged from a dream in the middle of the night, written on a piece of paper by that same boy years later, when he was ready to start building what he’d always dreamt of. Today every piece we make is a gift created with purpose and love.
And the rest is fashion.

Expression & Empowerment
Pavel and Teodora Lozanovi
“It’s not about selling a beautiful piece, it’s about self-expression and empowerment. Our clothes enable women to be the best versions of themselves.”
Once upon a time clothing might have been simply a necessity, but fashion has always been about expression and, for the women of today, it is about empowerment.
Creating Bogdar was about the always changing and always surprising essence of contemporary female fashion, about the always growing and always needed reality of female empowerment. Our clothes are not made to cover, they are made to bring out, to make a woman shine. She is our source of inspiration, our pieces are made in her image – bold, elegant, colourful, sophisticated and never the same as another – they exist to compliment her and give her yet another way of expressing the endless nuances of herself anywhere, at any time.
We believe that fashion should be personal, slow and deliberate. For this purpose, for every piece that carries the Bogdar label, we pick some of the finest fabrics in Europe, we bring together distinctive lines, eye-catching colours and refined technical details. We honour the unique self of every woman who wears our clothes with due reverence, uncluttered sophistication and unmistakable style.
Bogdar is built on the eternal ideal of being unapologetically and beautifully yourself and its goal has always been giving every woman the cloth, colours, comfort and confidence to express herself.

Sustainability & Transparency
The first thing we want to earn is our community’s trust. This is why we share our philosophy and priorities with you, hoping they are yours as well. We make no compromise with our craft and values, we combine contemporary style with sustainable execution to offer you unique pieces produced in eco-conscious ways.
At least half of our collections are always produced with organic, sustainable or recycled fabrics and we are working on continuously raising that percentage. All our custom prints are digitally printed to reduces water waste and ink usage. We work with family-owned, socially responsible fabric suppliers, certified for clean productions that do not harm the environment.
Our local production and policy for sourcing materials from Europe reduce our carbon footprint. In all our processes, we aim for reduction of chemical substances and CO2 emissions and preservation of water and energy resources. In all our deliveries, we use plant-based packaging and compostable plastics.
Our clothes come in eco-friendly, acid-free paper that is FSC certified and made with soy ink. We are supplied by Noissue – a responsible and environmentally conscious company whose eco-packaging alliance contributes to global reforestation by matching orders with planted trees.

The Bogdar Atelier
Home & Teamwork
We create 100% of our products in our family-owned facilities under a transparent and conscious policy where a hand-picked team of 16 members dedicated to perfection and attention to detail create each piece by hand.
Our atelier is based in Vidin, Bulgaria – a town with rich history in clothes manufacturing and many talented and skilled people working in the industry. Our operation has helped the economy of the poorest region in the EU and hired workers laid off when factories in Vidin had to close down, giving back to the community that we want to be a part of. We’re proud of our personal touch and know every single person that works with us. We visit our facilities often and listen to our tailors’
We value the art of fashion but never put it above the people we work with and the world we live in.
This is why we strive for sustainability in every part of our clothes’ journey and why we have always given due importance to our team’s great skill and dedication.
The grandmother of that boy, who grew up around the machines and founded Bogdar, was a tailor herself and for us the concept of the Bogdar atelier as a home away from home is not merely a cliché.

The Bogdar Community
Society & Style
Bogdar’s community transcends boundaries and borders. From our production facilities in Vidin our clothes travel to all the corners of the world and are worn by true fashion icons. Join the Bogdar community and share your story and styling in Bogdar on any social platform with #bogdar.