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Fashion house - 4/22/22

On the occasion of Earth Day, Giorgio Armani presents the new Armani/Values website: both an exploration and a retracing of the values that have always underpinned the designer’s stylistic direction and entrepreneurial decisions, and which form part of the Group’s DNA. Values linked to fashion and beyond because for Armani, aesthetics is the reflection of ethics and responsible choices are made at every level: business strategy, corporate structure, personnel, governance and production.

Armani/Values tells the story of the Armani Group through important past projects as well as the present and future projects that are making such fundamental progress, with a particular focus on the commitment shown with regard to Corporate Responsibility. For the Armani Group, being a brand that represents the Italian fashion system and industry means creating unique products in which aesthetics, quality and innovation are combined with a solid value system that will stand the test of time and is respectful of all the resources that the Group draws on, well aware that the future of the next generations depends on decisions made today.

The website is intended to provide detailed documentation of these values and be a point of reference for anyone interested in news and information regarding the Armani world or about the Group’s history. It offers a wide and comprehensive overview. With the clarity of purpose and concise approach that define the Armani lexicon, the content is organised into a rational structure with plenty of in-depth information, divided into three main sections: People, Planet and Prosperity, all three of which are preceded by the Overview introduction section. A video and text on the homepage summarise and explain the various values: consistency, timelessness, fluidity, comfort, empowerment, inclusion, sustainability, discipline, independence, authenticity and 'less is more'.

The Overview introduces the entire Group, from its three brands to the lifestyle world, including Armani/Silos, Hotels & Resorts and restaurants, with links to the relevant websites. It also includes a complete timeline that starts from the foundation of the company in 1975, as well as all the programmes and commitments made on issues such as sustainability, ethical decisions and agreements. Here, visitors can also consult the annual Sustainability Report, with which the Armani Group communicates its main achievements in this area as well as future objectives, strictly integrated into business strategy.

An essential component of the Armani Group is human capital, hence the dedicated People section, which illustrates a diversified and inclusive work environment with an emphasis on the wellbeing and qualities of the individual, mapped through the number of employees, the places where the group is present, the offices and the production plants, as well as training, growth and focus on diversity, with a link to the web page listing job opportunities.

Shaping a more sustainable and safer world implies concrete measures and actions and these are all brought together in the Planet section. The section describes the activities and initiatives supported by the Armani Group in this area, including reforestation and biodiversity conservation, which are made possible by the work that goes into the products, monitoring of the supply chain and production sites, choice of materials, collaborations, and local interventions.

And finally, Prosperity is the section that brings together all of Giorgio Armani’s projects, whether local or international, that sustain communities, the development of social and cultural heritage and the creation of value: charitable initiatives, support for research and new business models, donations, and promotion of new generations of creatives, in fashion and beyond. Activities that have seen the Group and its founder at the forefront over the years, with important undertakings such as Acqua for Life and with support to entities such as Opera di San Francesco, the Community of Sant'Egidio, Save the Children, the Veronesi Foundation, Humanitas, and the Teatro alla Scala Foundation.

“I think that as a designer and entrepreneur I do have responsibilities towards other people, and I feel I should both be an example and offer support. I have always remained true to authentic and solid values in my practice. I do this by designing timeless objects that are pure and minimal, inspired by the idea that less is more and made to last over time. I have always cared about people and community, in the conviction that a company must not only receive but give back too. And that also applies to our planet, which we must take care of. I think that fashion can contribute to the ongoing transformation in many ways, and that is my commitment. Values matter and for me they are absolutely fundamental. With this website, I wish to share an essential and imperative duty: an invitation for all of us to build a more responsible system”, explained Giorgio Armani.

Armani / Values is online at armanivalues.com. The website has been optimised for browsing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Designer: Giorgio Armani