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Kenzo Pre-Fall 2024 campaign

Kenzo Pre-Fall 2024 campaign illustration 1
Kenzo Pre-Fall 2024 campaign illustration 2
Kenzo Pre-Fall 2024 campaign illustration 3

Campaign - 6/5/24

SUNRISE CHASING: a journey from West to East. For the KENZO Fall-Winter 2024 Women’s and Men’s Pre-Fall Campaign, Artistic Directo Nigo expands his lens and imagines the cross-cultural core of the KENZO season wardrobe from a galaxy far away. Drawing on the sci-fi
metaphors of the pre-fall – presented as part of the Fall-Winter 2024 runway show in January 2024 – the campaign re-frames the proposal in a lunar landscape grounded by the earthly waves of the sea. Shot on an ensemble cast, the still and moving imagery was captured by the Canary Islands-born photographer Lengua, whose work explores and challenges conventional ideas of nature.

The season premise that informed the pre-fall – founded in the main collection from which it derives – is explored in the context of the sci-fi-esque scenery of Planet Earth. Reflecting on the notion of chasing the sunrise across the world – from West to East where it rises – the campaign portrays the occidental-oriental dialogue at the heart of Nigo’s practice. With nods to the scenes of the moon landing, the Maison’s new elegance – core to the pre-fall – emerges in the bright light and breeze of daybreak. Here, a conversation between the earthly and the galactic unfolds in silhouettes and motifs suspended between the grounded and the futuristic.

Nodding at solar motifs, the characteristic plissé soleil dress takes centre stage alongside workwear crafted in the KENZO Weave pattern influenced by those of Japanese hakeshi baten fireman’s jackets, which infuse the collection with a hand-spun, rooted sensibility. Cargo flight trousers and a metallic sequinned body further embrace an on-land idea of space travel, echoed in a starry logo t-shirt. It features one in a series of KENZO Constellation prints, which imagine the iconography of the Maison from the point of a view of the stargazing earthling, conveying the Rue Vivienne logo and the boke flower in stellar patterns. Finally, a KENZO Business ideogram of five briefcase-carrying men pays tribute to the merchandise of Japanese electronic band YMO, heralding the main collection.

Designer: Kenzo