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Angela Missoni

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17/07/2018 - Margaux Warin

Angela Missoni is the woman behind the world's most famous striped and zigzagged knitwear.

A family affair from the outset, the house of Missioni has, under Angela, has found the perfect ingredients to an already extraordinary recipe: traditional luxury fashion mixed with a refreshing, youthful approach.

Constantly inspired by her mother Rosita, her two daughters Margherita and Teresa and her travels (mostl recently to Cuba last week), Angela fuses a variety of styles and perpectives, each blending seamlessly into the divine patchwork that is the Missoni DNA and heritage

What's the last thing you saw that inspired you?
I would talk in general because details are too many to be listed. India, or especially Rajastan, has been one of the most recent extraordinary experiences, a revived endless inspiration of textiles, sari and shapes, colors and kajals, costumes and rituals, shawls and jewels. It is a deep open source of material to freely catch and take, to recognize, to appropriate, to study and to reinvent.

Please describe your SS17 collection in three words:

Linear basic preciousness - Unmatching colorful overimpositions - Blocks of solid colors                                                                                                                                                                                            

What's your earliest fashion memory?
My parents' early fashion shows in Florence provocative and playful like art performances. The high platforms of Elio Fiorucci early sandals, the multicolor leather and/or suede booties ballerinas laced shoes by Maud Frizon. I.E. My top fashion wishes In the late Seventies

The best thing about showing in Milan is:
Having an important experience a memory and a tradition to share with some of the most international mythical Italian brands, being part of a relevant story since its real beginning, having had a rule in making that story possible.

What was your favourite piece in your last collection and why?
The very thin extralong multicolor tricot scarf in the Missoni Winter

The iper tiny bikini adhering like a band-aid to the body: an hommage and a reinvention of the early Nineties sex appeal.

They both are statements of a reborn will of a straightforward clean and strong style. A very Missoni Missoni.

The best show-tune ever to be played on the catwalk?
Shanzai by Fatima Al Qadiri, to me the most poetical meeting and crossing of East and West, Digital now rhythms and Classic armonies.

The film that most speaks to your aesthetic is:
The Women by G.Cukor. It is a 1939 statement on modern women unicity and freedom. I feel Cukor's vision very empathic with the Missoni's one.

Your favourite fictional character is ______ because ________
Star Wars' princess Leila because is declining the past in the future. Leila epitomizes today the appeal and power of all times female heroines, icons of strength and style that are endlessly inspiring my work.

If only one woman (alive or dead) could wear your collection for the rest of eternity, who would you want it to be?

My mother Rosita, my referent  number one and my infinite inspiration

Your top trend this season was:
Tank dress like overimposition tromp l'oeil of various lenghts, blocks of stitches and colors