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Camille Charrière

Camille Charrière
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Camille Charrière
Jan 23, 2017 — Monica Ainley

French-British fashion journalist and blogger Camille Charriere has been defining cross-channel style since the day she arrived at St. Pancras, fresh from the Parisian bar (legal, not wine) in search of a unique sartorial career. On her arrival in London, Camille launched her blog-turned-international style destination Camille Over the Rainbow.

Five years later, Camille's look is synonymous with the meticulous cross-referencing of Parisian taste and French off-kilter originality. She's also known for her uncanny punning skills in both languages. When Camille is not busy setting street-style trends, she is co-presenter of the Fashion: No Filter Podcast

The last thing you saw that inspired you was ?

AA Gill’s brutally honest piece in the Sunday Times on the failings of the NHS — which tragically turned out to be his very last for the newspaper that hired him in 1993, allowing him to become one of the greatest journalists of his generation. He will never cease to inspire me. 


If you could trade wardrobes with anyone, who would it be?

Cliché, but probably Jane Birkin for all her fantastic high wasted jeans, vintage furs and fitted tees. Those are the kind of things even good money simply can’t buy nowadays.


On a normal day we’ll find you wearing?

 Vintage 501s, a big chunky knit (probably Céline) and probably something by Vétements (at the moment its the black peacoat from Season 1 that Style.Com just re-issued. 


What’s in your handbag?

An iphone charger, dried Mango snacks, my ever-dying iPhone and a La Mer lip balm


Your favourite place to relax?

 Italy. I would spend all my time in Italy if i could. The food, the language, the lifestyle, the music — Italians do it better.


What is your earliest fashion memory?

Begging my mom to allow me to get a pair of pink salmon sandals. We took them home from the store to ask my dad, who gave me a categorical no. We swapped them for sensible navy ones the next day. I was five. I am still mourning those shoes. 


If you could live in any era, when would you chose?

The 70s - not that different to today, though people spent more time actually together rather than working on their social connections online. 


If you could be wearing any look from this season’s shows right now, what would it be? (and why?)

 Gucci pink! If you're gonna dream, may as well go a bit mental.


Trend of the season?

Velvet that moves like water (see: Nina Ricci)


Current favourite Instagram account?

@LarryHoffman — besides being too hot for words, the girl also has real artistic flair and a unique point of view.