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CARA DELEVINGNE illustration 1
© Chanel Cara Delevingne Gabrielle Bag directed by ShiShi Yamazaki
CARA DELEVINGNE illustration 2
© Chanel Cara Delevingne Gabrielle Bag directed by ShiShi Yamazaki
23/06/2017 - Margaux Warin

For the GABRIELLE CHANEL campaign, the Maison has once again proved its sense of creativity and innovation. Directed by ShiShi Yamazaki, the animated film in rotoscopy features one of CHANEL's flagship stars: Cara Delevingne. She appears on a skateboard and catching one after another the GABRIELLE CHANEL bags that hang like fruits on tree branches. The heroine then escapes into the street for a fantastic journey, carrying her GABRIELLE bag...

What do you carry in your CHANEL's GABRIELLE bag? 
I carry so much in my bag because I'm always moving around. Two phones, socks, scripts, tissues, lip gloss etc… 

Can you describe the CHANEL's GABRIELLE bag in 3 words? 
Comfortable, luxurious, useful. 

What moment did you like best when shooting the campaign? How was it to shoot with Karl Lagerfeld? 
I like any time I spend with Karl…he has always made me feel so comfortable and always puts a smile on my face. 

Allure has always been essential for Gabrielle Chanel and CHANEL's GABRIELLE bag is all about allure as well, how would you describe your allure? 
I think it’s too big a challenge to describe your own allure…perhaps that’s my allure  ☺