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Caroline Lebar

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© Karl Lagerfeld
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29/01/2018 - Margaux Warin

In 1983 Karl Lagerfel took over Couture at Chanel, and in 1985 Caroline Lebar started working with him; their collaboration has lasted for over 30 years. She is now the head of communications of the Karl Lagerfeld brand, and is in charge of the designer's image. Crucial in the revival of the brand, notably through her digital strategy, she is also part of the many collaborations, including the enormously successful one with H&M in 2004. Passionate about fashion and technology, Caroline Lebar is also known for her Instagram account on which she posts photos of homemade tarts. Her account has been so successful that a recipe book has been published by Marabout.


What is your greatest daily source of inspiration?

Karl… every one of his phone calls and visits are sources of inspiration, as are his enlightening words, his enthusiasm, and his creativity in every aspect of his life… he is very inspiring.


Can you explain your job in a couple of sentences?

I am the image and communications director for the KARL LAGERFELD brand, as well as Karl’s personal press and communications agent, covering all his activities apart from Chanel and Fendi.


What is your favorite aspect of the job?

The variety, meetings, creativity, challenges… Each day is radically different, which is healthy and enjoyable.


if you had to describe the Karl Lagerfeld brand in three words:





Has the brand’s approach changed with the arrival of digital technology?

We relaunched the brand as digital technology was booming, which meant that the revival was carried out digitally. But the idea of an accessible, fun and chic brand was born from the collaboration between Karl and H&M, so quite a long time ago… it was in 2004 when digital wasn’t yet at its peak. Today the modernity of the brand and its designer fits in perfectly with the digital universe.


If you could live in another era, which one would you choose and why?

No way! I’m very happy in my era, I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. I must say I love 70s design, but I like the lifestyle I lead now…


Your three favourite places in Paris?

7L bookshop, for its atmosphere, the booksellers and the unique choice of literature. 

La société, where I’m well looked after and the food is delicious… I almost feel like I’m with my family!

Colette… unfortunately not for much longer… this store fed my geek/fashion fantasies for years so I’m very sad it is closing.


Your favourite tart?

Difficult to say, I never make the same tart twice… however one does leave me with a delicious and acidulous taste: the pineapple-lime tart which I had imagined after returning from Brazil (Brazilians pair their marvellous pineapples with lime zests)… I definitely recommend it!

As for savoury tarts, I loved the freshness and bright colours of the avocado-salmon tart (avocado on salmon cream with salmon eggs!)… fresh and light.


Where was the last place which inspired you?

Chile… raw and beautiful… I went there for a KL show, followed by a short 3-day road trip… magical… the wild beauty of the countryside and the coast are breathtaking.