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Glenn Martens

Glenn Martens illustration 1
31/10/2022 - Tagwalk

Talk with Glenn Martens, Head of Fashion Jury at 2022 Hyères Festival

If you had to sum up the Hyères festival in three words ?
Family, future and giving

As a member of the jury, what do you generally look for in a talent  ?
I want to be surprised and I want to see something I'm not used to seeing.

What are the things that you were taught in school that you think : "They should kind of let it go." ? You know, when they force you to take something and then finally...
You should always listen to your teachers ! I was in a bit of a special school, they never told me what to do. They would simply say "do it again and get on with it’. It was constantly self-reflecting.

So always work on who you are and what you want to do and then the rest happens ?
Yes, work on what you're going to be in this industry.

From the 10 finalists this season, is there one or two that you feel had a really strong message?

And are they people who are more mature or who are new ? 
Who are more mature potentially, but most importantly who have an approach to themselves.