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Peter Philips

Peter Philips illustration 1
31/05/2023 - Alexandra Van Houtte

Peter Philips, Creative & Image Director of Christian Dior Makeup

If you had to describe who the Dior woman was in 3 words, what would these words be?

Confident, Stylish, Curious. 

If you had to explain what Dior (the brand) was to a younger person, learning about fashion, how would you describe the brand? 

The Dior brand, the House is a creature with an extremely strong DNA. This DNA is molded by every single designer that created here, and for who Dior became a perfect platform. Dior has a foot in the past, a foot in the present and it’s look towards the future.  

Maria Grazia was very inspired by Frida Kahlo for this collection – what beauty aspects of Frida did you incorporate into the show? What features did you want to put forward?

Frida Kahlo was a beautiful woman, who truly embraced her natural, raw beauty. This was the philosophy behind the look of the show. A simple, effortless looking luminous skin, combined with a slightly prominent eyebrow. We finished the look with a discrete touch of rosewood blush.  

Women at Dior seem very free in their attitude, their clothes & their opinions. How does that translate in make up ?

In exactly the same way. Our makeup collections are diverse and exciting, they give the opportunity to express yourself in any way you want. If you want a natural, nude look, we have the perfect tools. And if you want to go bolder, we offer a huge range of shades, textures and tools to create any look you like.  

 If a young person wanted to feel as strong & free as de Dior woman, which make up tip would you give her? 

Don’t be afraid to play with makeup, at the end of the day makeup isn’t permanent, what you don’t like is easy to remove. Don’t become a slave of your makeup, it should always stay pleasant and fun. Makeup should never be a source of stress.  

If you could live in any era, which one would it be, and why? 

That’s a tricky question, probably in the roaring twenties, because there’s still the romantic quality of the pre industrial era, combined with a taste of what the future could be. Exciting music, movies, fashion, art, architecture, travelling… !